‘Trying to make my things fit’


Mayra Cardi showed off the closet of her new home in São Paulo. The digital influencer appeared with friends on Instagram Stories trying to store clothes and shoes, but pointed out difficulties due to the size of the space.

“Their ‘disgraceful’ face trying to make my things fit here and discovering that this closet is infinitely smaller than the old one,” said the fitness coach when showing the space in which the items are being placed.

“Where didn’t we see that this house, despite being much bigger, didn’t fit anything?”, Joked Mayra with her friends in the sequence. “Desperate,” replied one of them about the mission.

Following the dialogue, the fitness coach states that she gave up some items. “I donated to the babysitters and the cook. I gave half of everything. Imagine if I had brought everything?”

Last Friday (25), Mayra Cardi shared on Instagram Stories the look she chose for a romantic date. “I’m wonderful and sexy for this date,” he said while showing off the black body.


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