TSE President calls for caution with coronavirus and fake news in elections | Elections 2020


The president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), minister Luís Roberto Barroso, asked for caution with the new coronavirus and with false news in this year’s municipal elections. The election campaign officially begins this Sunday (27).

Speaking on Saturday night (26), Barroso stated that the Covid-19 pandemic imposes special precautions and asked candidates and voters to avoid crowds, keep a minimum distance of 1 meter from other people and always wear a mask.

The minister also asked for meetings to be held in open places and to avoid the distribution of printed material.

“Whenever possible, wash your hands or use alcohol gel after contacting someone or an object. With these precautions, the risk of contamination is minimized,” he said.

Barroso also warned of the danger of false news. Barroso said that fakes news is a virus capable of compromising democracy.

“There is another virus that surrounds the elections, capable of compromising, not public health, but democracy itself. These are fake news, disinformation and smear campaigns. A cause that needs lies, hatred or aggression cannot be a good one. Think about it, ”he said.

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In the statement, the minister recalled that Brazil is the fourth largest democracy in the world and asked voters not to give up “their chance to make a difference”.

Starting this Sunday, candidates can:

  • hold rallies;
  • caravans;
  • distribute graphic material;
  • advertise on the internet.

Election hours on television and radio start on October 9 and run through November 12.

The first round of elections will be on 15 November and the second round on 29 November.


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