Two 13-year-olds robbed in Oslo


According to the police, the young people followed the 13-year-olds from the metro station at Majorstuen, and then followed when the 13-year-olds got off the metro at Ullern.

– The boys are of course shaken. The robbers were not armed, but they threatened the 13-year-olds with a bank, says operations manager André Kråkenes.

The operations manager further says that the 13-year-olds have been robbed of “personal belongings”.

The police further write that they have arrested a man in the “19-year-old age” who they suspect of having taken part in the robbery.

– We are looking for a dog patrol and several police patrols for the other person, Kråkenes continues.

The operations manager also says that he does not believe that there is any relationship between the 13-year-olds and the robbers.

At 21.22, the police write that they have still not found the other robber. At the same time, they write that the case will be investigated further.


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