two brasilienses hit the post, hit the corner and take R $ 44 thousand


posted on 09/21/2020 12:54

(credit: Marcello Casal Jr / Agência Brasil)

Mega-Sena has accumulated yet again. Nobody got the six dozens drawn, last Saturday (9/19), in the 2301 contest: 17-18-35-36-47-52. Caixa’s expectation is that the prize will be around R $ 43 million next Wednesday (9/23). But, in the draw held last Saturday (9/21), two Brasilians hit the post and hit five of the six dozen. Each will receive R $ 44,296.26.

The two winning bets are from a simple game of six dozen, which costs R $ 4.50. One of them was made in the Lotérica Mapa da Mina, in Quadra 64, of Vila Nossa Senhora de Fátima, in Planaltina. The other was made at Patio Loterias, at Shooping Pátio Brasil, at Asa Sul. The detail is that a stubborn bet, that is, the bettor tried to play the same numbers for several contests.

Another 99 bets placed in the Federal District hit the court. Each will take R $ 963.88. Bets for the next draw (contest 2302) can be placed until 7pm on Wednesday, at Caixa lotteries or online.


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