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DISPUTED: Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry at the Royal Albert Hall in London in March. Foto: Simon Dawson / Reuters Pool

According to a new survey conducted by the magazine Tatler, a majority believes that Prince Harry (36) and Duchess Meghan (39) should not be allowed to keep their royal titles.

Just two weeks after talk show host Piers Morgan (55) went out and said that Harry and Meghan themselves should relinquish their titles as Duke and Duchess of Sussex, several Britons follow.

According to a new survey conducted by British Tatler, 68 percent of the respondents answer that they think the couple should be deprived of the titles. Harry and Meghan have already lost the right to call themselves “Royal Highnesses”.

63 percent of respondents also say they believe American Meghan as part of the British royal family should not comment on US politics – something she and Harry recently did.

The survey was conducted among 4,174 adult Britons and conducted by the analysis company Savanta Comres.

Meghan and Harry have actively gone out and encouraged Americans to vote. President Donald Trump, for his part, recently stated that he “is not a fan of Meghan”.

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Donald Trump about Duchess Meghan: – Never called her nasty

«Meghan, what’s next?», It says on the front page of Tatler’s November issue, which goes on sale on October 1. A portrait of the Duchess adorns the cover. It is in this edition that the survey is presented, but an excerpt has already been published online.

35 percent of those polled have concluded that they believe Meghan herself has political views and aims to become president in the future.

New jobs

After they moved out of the royal family and moved to California – Meghan’s old home state – this spring, the duke and his wife temporarily stayed with a Hollywood friend. Recently they went to purchase a very luxurious home in Santa Barbara.

Harry and Meghan recently signed a multi-year deal with Netflix.

On social media, there are several who question the fact that the prince and princess who chose to leave England and the royal house for a more secluded life, now choose to throw themselves into the entertainment industry. According to the Daily Express, many believe that the new TV collaboration, on the contrary, will bring the couple into the spotlight fully.

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