Unbelievable! Rita Blanco throws herself hard and ugly at Cristina Ferreira – Nacional


Rita Blanco and Alexandra Lencastre were this morning, September 29, at ‘Casa Feliz’ with João Baião and Diana Chaves to talk about the anger that kept them away for so many years.
But it was the splinters thrown at Cristina Ferreira by the mouth of Rita Blanco that surprised most. As soon as she arrived, the actress, one of the most talented of her generation, said: “But you are now in the house that belonged to the other [Cristina Ferreira]? “asked the two presenters in the morning. Alexandra Lencastre wasted no time and continued the provocation:”But it was disinfected“. Rita Blanco continued with the joke:”But did she sell the house? Income owed? “. João Baião entered into grace:”The house belongs to SIC, the tenant who changed it“.

Already in the middle of the conversation and to escape more serious matters, the actress shoots: “Put it in the other’s channel to see if she is screaming. We have to shout, because if we don’t shout this …“.

He gave the presenter of TVI a new “sting” when he said goodbye to João Baião and Diana Chaves: “It was a taste … I liked it a lot. The last time I was here, I admit, I didn’t have so much taste“, referring to the time she was received by Cristina Ferreira at SIC.


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