Understand the importance of the vaccine for the health prevention of the population


The reservation for the dose of the “Anti-Flu Vaccination Campaign 2021” is now available until November 30 this year – (Photo: Disclosure)

The reservation for the dose of the “Vaccination Campaign Antigripe 2021” is now available, until November 30 of this year. The Cassems beneficiary interested in getting vaccinated can now book his dose through the Beneficiary Portal (beneficio.cassems.com.br). Only the plan holder can guarantee your dose and that of your family group. For more information, the beneficiary should call the Call Center (67) 3314-1010. The value of each dose is R $ 75.00.

Caixa dos Servidores has been carrying out the vaccination campaign for public servants and their families for nine years in order to reduce hospitalizations due to infections caused by the influenza virus. The Unified Health System (SUS) distributes the vaccine only to children under two years old, pregnant women and the elderly over 60 years old, considered at risk groups. Thus, a large portion of the population is vulnerable to the virus and its consequences in the winter period.

For Cassems’ Health Assistance director, Maria Auxiliadora Budib, annual vaccination is necessary, as the substance has its composition changed annually, due to the new viruses that enter the circulation, and the laboratories fulfill orders only at the beginning of each year. .

“We work according to the request and whoever does not reserve is unlikely to be vaccinated, as there are no stocks of these products. Our beneficiaries are, for the most part, civil servants who circulate in workplaces with many people and are exposed to influenza viruses. With vaccination, health will be preserved, without clinical complications and, thus, we will reduce the rate of morbidity and mortality ”.

This year, with the Covid-19 pandemic and Brazil being the epicenter of the disease, getting the vaccine becomes even more crucial, to avoid cross-infection, as explained by the director of Health Care at Cassems. “In order to protect the population from pathologies that have an impact on the immune system, vaccination is essential to shield the body against infectious agents. In times of a pandemic crisis, as is currently the case with the new coronavirus, a campaign such as the prevention of influenza not only reduces the incidence of cases of Influenza, but also facilitates the accurate diagnosis for Covid ”.

The importance of the vaccine

The flu virus is highly contagious through secretions, sneezes and contaminated hands. According to infectious disease doctor Márcia Dall Fabro, for this reason, it is important that the whole family makes use of the vaccine to protect themselves. “Whoever is sick with the flu can easily pass the disease on to a family member. So, everyone in the family should be protected, especially people who have a disease like cancer, who use immunomodulators or who have low immunity. The family must be very careful and not bring the virus into the home ”.

The contraindications for the vaccine are few and, before the individual decides to postpone or not to take the dose, it is essential to consult a referral doctor, as pointed out by Marcia Dal Fabbro. “If the patient has an acute infection, for example, the vaccine is postponed. However, the contraindications are minimal, these patients must have the recommendation of the professionals who care for them ”.

The h1n1 flu is caused by a mutation of the flu virus, also known as influenza type A flu or swine flu. It became popular after an outbreak that affected the world population between 2009 and 2010. Although the symptoms and transmission are similar to those of the common flu, health complications are more serious. The Influenza virus can remain on surfaces for two to eight hours and, therefore, hygiene becomes even more important.

Cassems general practitioner Ronaldo Costa explains that influenza is an acute respiratory syndrome and, depending on its evolution, the virus can be more violent. “The infection can cause shortness of breath, respiratory failure and, with the worsening of the disease, without proper care, it can lead to death”.

As the disease develops, it can cause other pathologies, such as pneumonia, according to the general practitioner. “If left untreated, the virus can evolve into the lung and cause pneumonia, because there, the bacteria find a favorable environment, with oxygen and blood to reproduce. In addition, the flu causes some other symptoms, such as runny nose and nasal congestion ”.

Still, Costa reiterates the warning that, when vaccinated, the person contributes to the protection of his community. “When you get vaccinated, you protect yourself, but you also protect everyone around you. In this way, it does not lead to infection at home, it does not lose days of work or production. The cost of the vaccine is very low, close to everything that the country loses with sick leave due to the flu and, even, with the fatalities caused by the worsening of the disease ”.

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