Unimed Piracicaba celebrates life with discussion forum – Jornal de Piracicaba


Meetings take place from the 21st to the 25th of this month, on the Cooperative’s official channels (Photo: Heitor Ercolini)

In reference to the September Yellow movement, Unimed Piracicaba promotes, from the 21st to the 25th of this month, on the Cooperative’s official channels (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), the 3rd Forum for the Celebration of Life – Same River, New Waters, with a series of lives About the subject. The meetings are attended by health professionals.

The president of the health plans operator, Carlos Joussef, recalls the importance of demystifying the issue. “We need to turn to prevention. Listening to those in distress and trying to intervene in issues that can trigger young people such as bullying, violence, abuse and stress, offering support and solutions, ”he warned.

To open the virtual season, on Monday (21), the director of the Institution makes the opening, followed by psychologists Gisleine Freitas and Marília Mota, who discuss the professional relocation in a pandemic situation as a protective factor against suicide. Tuesday (22) is the time to discuss the hospital condition and suicide, with psychologist Luciana Ferracciu, the manager of Own Resources, Juliana Fructuoso, and the general manager of health strategies at the Cooperative, Antonio Amaral; fourth (23), the relationship between the use of alcohol and drugs with suicidal ideation, with the psychiatrist Ana Paula Bechara and the psychologist Carlos Pizzol; Thursday (24) mental health at work is highlighted as a preventive factor for suicide risk, with the psychologist Tássia Urbano and the family doctor Cinthia Molina; and sixth (25), to conclude, self-mutilation behavior in childhood and adolescence and mental health in times of pandemic with psychiatrist Ana Elisa Bertoldi and psychologist Ulisses Rocha. The closing of the week of lives happens with the managing physician of Own Resources, Ernesto Valvano.

“Generally, the person takes his life because he has some depression or other mental disorder, abuses substances that will, in some way, influence the functioning of neurons and behavior,” said the leader, who also points out that campaigns like this raise awareness of family members and friends of those experiencing the problem.

Joussef argues that the issue goes beyond Yellow September. “Talking about it in an open way, and not only in September, but throughout the year, and with a caring and attentive eye is extremely fundamental. The key to prevention is in communication and adequate education for all people ”, he emphasized.


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