Unique in the world: Ferrari reveals the Omologata


Based on the Ferrari 812 Superfast, the model with a 6.5-liter engine capable of delivering 800 hp of power and 718 Nm of torque, the Omologata kept the windshield and headlights untouched.

The project, requested by a European customer for an undisclosed price, took two years to complete.

The Italian model has a more pointed front due to a more flattened grill and a more muscular back profile.

At the rear, we highlight the three horizontal panels instead of the glass and a spolier that gives aggression and aerodynamic pressure. Without forgetting the new design of lights with only one on each side.

The Omologata comes with a Rosso Magma paint applied in three layers and applied over darkened carbon fiber and with decorations inspired by the competition.

Inside, the atmosphere is reminiscent of the competition tradition of the 1950s and 60s with the blue seats with four-point belts and the metal of the steering wheel and dashboard in contrast to the black of the passenger compartment, or in details like the door handles on image of the Ferrar 250 LM and GTO.

The new Omologata is the tenth “one-off” created with a V12 front engine configuration since the P540 Superfast Aperta announced in 2009.


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