University hires Carlos Ghosn to train young entrepreneurs – News


Former Renault-Nissan CEO and fugitive from Japanese justice Carlos Ghosn this Tuesday (29) took on the coordination of a training program for business and entrepreneurship students launched by the Catholic University of EspĂ­rito Santo in Kaslik (USEK), in Lebanon.

USEK President Talal Hachem presented the project during a press conference with Ghosn, during which he praised the executive for his long successful career and knowledge in the business area, in addition to referring to him as “magician” and “agent of transformation”.

The Brazilian, who also has French and Lebanese citizenship, arrived in Lebanon in December last year after fleeing Japan, where he is being prosecuted, accused of tax evasion and fraud.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Nanterre, on the outskirts of Paris, opened two lawsuits, one to investigate transfers of funds from Nissan to one of its distributors in Oman, which may have favored the executive, and another to determine the payment of Ghosn’s wedding expenses held at the Palace of Versailles in October 2016.

“Nobody can say that Mr. Carlos Ghosn was not very successful and I will not let others outside Lebanon take advantage of this experience. We want to use this knowledge in Lebanon and that our students have access to it. We have a law department in university and we teach the ‘presumption of innocence’, so we cannot contradict what we preach, “added Hachem.

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Ghosn wants to help

USEK’s training program is aimed at students and people already trained who have new ideas and projects to support Lebanon in different areas, and will be led by a committee chaired by Ghosn, who will be responsible for advising and guiding businessmen on job opportunities. business and investments.

“From the beginning I said that I would not get involved in politics, but for those who need me in my area, I am available. Father Talal contacted me and I offered my help,” said Ghosn during this news conference. Tuesday.

However, the executive declined to answer questions about his legal situation: “Today the conference is about the program of studies and USEK,” he said.

“I am an entrepreneur. Today, the time I have I want to dedicate to Lebanon and to society. This is the best job anyone can do,” said Ghosn, who defended “trust” as the only way out of the economic, social, political and economic crisis. health situation facing the country, aggravated by the pandemic of the new coronavirus and the consequences of the devastating explosion in the port of Beirut, on August 4, which left more than 190 dead in the country’s capital and sparked violent protests against the local government.


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