US sends armored vehicles and intensifies air patrols in the Syrian oil zone (PHOTO)


According to the US Army, the measure aims to ensure the safety of coalition forces.

The Pentagon sent several armored vehicles, radar systems and additional troops to Syria, reinforcing the US military presence in the northeast of the country, supposedly to fight against the terrorist group Daesh (terrorist group prohibited in Russia and in many other countries).

“The placement of M2A2 Bradley armored vehicles in northeastern Syria will guarantee protection for our mission against Daesh,” said Wayne Marotto, spokesman for the Inherent Resolution coalition operation.

The coalition continues to support our allies to fight Daesh. The positioning of the Bradley M2A2 in northeastern Syria provides protective force to support the continuation of the mission to combat Daesh.

The reinforcement is said to include half a dozen Bradley vehicles and approximately 100 soldiers, although it is unclear where they will operate in Syria.

The coalition warned that the terrorist group was weakened, but could recover.

M2A2 Bradley combat vehicles arrived in northeastern Syria. The Bradleys will ensure a continued protection force for coalition partners in the ongoing mission against Daesh.

For his part, U.S. President Donald Trump said the United States could reach an agreement on Syrian oil with local Kurds and withdraw the troops guarding the oil reserves.

“We will make a decision. We will probably be dealing with the Kurds over oil. We will see where it all ends and we will leave,” Trump said during a press conference at the White House.

US troops, along with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS), maintain control over a part of northeastern Syria, concentrating around the region’s oil and gas wells.

The Syrian government denounced the American presence as a violation of its sovereignty and an illegal attempt to seize the country’s natural resources.


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