US Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s body is buried near Washington | World


After open and public ceremonies, the burial took place at an event intended only for family members and other close people. The grave is next to her husband’s grave and close to other Supreme Court judges. The body of former President John F. Kennedy also lies in the same cemetery.

Vigil in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in front of the US Supreme Court headquarters – Photo: REUTERS / Elizabeth Frantz

Ginsburg received a final solemn tribute on Friday at the United States Capitol in Washington, in the presence of Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden and runner-up candidate Kamala Harris.

With a progressive profile, Ginsburg was appointed by former Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1993, and became the second woman to join the Supreme Court.. She had a reputation for being a tough questioner with a progressive tendency. Marked by decisions that faced sexual discrimination, the judge was responsible for the admission of women, in 1996, at the Virginia Military Institute.

Trump has already announced a new judge

Amy Coney Barrett, nominated to the United States Supreme Court – Photo: Olivier Douliery / AFP

President Donald Trump appointed Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ginsburg on Saturday. Catholic, conservative and originalist – that is, she tends to judge according to the text of the law – the magistrate may be the youngest to occupy the Supreme Court.

The Senate still needs to approve the name, which should happen without further dispute because Trump has a majority among the senators. The president has already sent Barrett’s name to Congress.

The hearings will begin on October 12 and the vote is likely to take place in late October, days before the November 3 elections.

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