Ventura admits “communication failures” and announces two new positions at Chega


In the second speech at the Congress of Chega, André Ventura admitted this Saturday that there were “communication failures” as party president and announced a change to the statutes to create the positions of secretary general and assistant secretary general.

The goal, according to the Chega leader, is to ensure an effective link between management and the district and local structures. “The party grew very fast, based on the strength of those who at the beginning gave everything they could. We have to improve internal communication, articulate in an adjusted way the relations between the national leadership and its district sections and future council nuclei”, said Ventura .

He also reiterated that the party will keep its original DNA, despite the label of “populist party” and “extremist” and that it will not give up on the constitutional revision project. “Either we are fighting this battle or nobody is going to do it, because they are afraid of losing votes on the left, on the right and in the center,” he accused.

He also returned to guaranteeing that Chega will refuse any coalitions with other parties, pointing to a new goal: achieving victory in the legislatures. “As long as I am president of this party it will not happen [coligações com outros partidos]. Even when we are told that it is fundamental to govern or for stability, we respond with this religious depth: we prefer to wait to be the Government of Portugal than to be a crutch of a party in the system “, he said.

“We have the historic mission, strength and faith to win the legislatures in Portugal – there will be a day when we will make the history of Portugal”, he insisted.

Oscillating between a fiery speech and the typical stand up comedy record, Ventura managed to get laughter from the audience, with references to Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, Ferro Rodrigues, Rui Rio, Joacine and Ana Gomes. “My God, and I have time [para ser Governo], if I have time. I am not as young as Chicão, but I have time “, he quipped.

Regarding Ana Gomes, the also presidential candidate lamented that the former socialist MEP chose to affirm that she is the “candidate of all Roma”, returning to the attack against what she considers to be privileges of minorities. “I am the candidate of all the Portuguese who work, pay taxes and support the country.”


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