Video shows moment when councilor candidate murdered in Patrocnio – Politics


a vdeo from a security camera shows the exact moment that the candidate for councilor of Patrocnio, in Alto Paranaba, Cssio Remis, shot to death in the city’s Department of Works. The crime happened on the afternoon of Thursday (24), around 15:30.

In the images, you can see a man in a hat arriving in a white Ford Ranger. He seems to argue with lawyer Cssio Remis. During the conflict, this man takes a gun and heads towards the candidate, who tries to run but is shot.

The man filmed would be the Secretary of Works for Sponsorship, Jorge Marra, brother of the current mayor, Deir Marra (PSD). The suspect is fugitive police since the crime.

According to the Military Police, Jorge Marra fled the scene through another pickup truck, a silver Toyota Hilux. At a press conference on Thursday night, the mayor said he did not know that his brother was armed.

Exact moment that the lawyer receives one of the shots in Patrocnio (photo: Reproduo / WhatsApp)

Minutes before being killed, Remis made a video in which he criticized a work to renovate the sidewalk on the property that would be Mayor Deir Marra’s committee, which tries to reelection in this year. The workforce would be from the Patrocnio City Hall itself, according to Remis.

The video was interrupted by the secretary Jorge Marra, who takes the cell phone of the person who recorded Cssio Remis and takes the device to the headquarters of the Works Department.

According to the Military Police (PM), Jorge tried to break the device and ran away in a white Ford Ranger truck.

Immediately, Cssio Remis followed the current Works secretary to try to retrieve his cell phone. On the spot, the discussion continued.

At one point, according to the PM, Jorge Marra shot the candidate for councilor five times, who died on the spot.

The Civil Police’s expertise has already been in place to start investigations. The PM is now working to try to arrest Jorge Marra.

Also according to the PM, the entire staff of the 46th Batalho is committed to trying to arrest Jorge Marra.


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