Von der Leyen praises Portugal as a model in defining the direction for the future



Ursula von der Leyen today praised Portugal “not only for finding a way out of the coronavirus crisis” with hard work, good ideas and discipline “, but also for” knowing how to set a course for the future “.

The President of the European Commission pointed out, as examples, that Portugal “effectively changed its energy mix to a more sustainable result” and “particularly Lisbon, a reference in the digital world”.

Von der Leyen therefore considered that the post-pandemic Recovery Fund is “made to measure for Portugal” and expressed his belief that it will serve to “stimulate” the economy, protecting companies and jobs.

The president of the Brussels executive said that the Commission and the Portuguese Government are “in close contact” about the “development of the strategic plan” for recovery and resilience, stressing that it is “in tune with the EU’s priorities” at the environmental and digital level .

Von der Leyen highlighted the work done by the Commission to respond to the crisis, which allowed an agreement to 27 mobilizing resources “of unprecedented magnitude”, and pointed to Portugal as a “key partner” in this work.

He ensured that the Commission, as an intermediary, the Council and the European Parliament are “working hard” to advance the “difficult negotiations” of the budget for 2021-2027 and the associated recovery fund, and that everyone “knows what is at stake “:” that the pandemic is not over, that we will have to live with the virus and that this will have a very strong impact on our economies “.

When there is a final agreement and the subsequent ratification process by the national parliaments is completed, “the Commission will seek the money from the markets”.

“It is now up to us to invest it in a correct and responsible way”, he said.


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