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As if the dominant victory of Israel Adesanya on Saturday was not enough, the Nigerian also took Paulo Borrachinha and his team seriously by provoking the rival already knocked out with a “blow” as soon as the central referee interrupted the confrontation. Brazilian businessman, Wallid Ismail expressed indignation when commenting on the stance of the middleweight champion (up to 84kg) and called him “vagabond” and “naughty”, besides saying that the Nigerian has no honor. He also said he believed that the good number of sales (not yet disclosed) of UFC 253 pay per views could be a reason for the company to carry out an immediate rematch between them.

Wallid Ismail detonated the disrespectful attitude of Israel Adesanya after the victory over Paulo Borrachinha at UFC 253 – Photo: Roberto Beckert

– It was a war. He (Borrachinha) did not fight. He said he doesn’t want to give an excuse, he wants a rematch because we think he deserves it for the sale, for the two being undefeated. He had a problem, he didn’t sleep on the day of the weigh-in, the strategy was wrong. He went up in the third, fourth and fifth rounds, but it was supposed to be from the beginning. It was the first time I wanted to do that and it didn’t work out, but he is really looking forward to the rematch. If it’s not a rematch, he wants to fight on the same day as Adesanya. His focus is the rematch because what he did at the end of the fight was disrespectful. Bum thing, bastard. In a war, if you win, you have to respect it. Tramp did that grace and he is disgusted with it and wants this rematch. This fight sold more than McGregor and Khabib until the beginning of the fight. It has everything to beat sales record. He’s disgusted. That’s what drove him crazy. He’s very upset about it and wants this fight, this rematch, because he deserves it for everything he did inside the UFC. He thought the guy sucked for doing that. In the end, the fight is over, and do that? It’s the end of the World. You have no honor. Adesanya has no honor, but that’s okay, let’s go out and beat again. Both were undefeated – Wallid said exclusively to the Combat.

Israel Adesanya defeated Paulo Borrachinha by technical knockout at 3:59:59 of R2 – Photo: Getty Images

On social media, Paulo Borrachinha said that “some things happened” that hindered his performance, but he preferred not to reveal it so as not to appear that he was making excuses for the defeat. Wallid said that the athlete went to sleep on the eve of the fight for cramps in his calf and also cited the period of more than a year without fighting as another factor that contributed to the poor performance of the Brazilian.

– He doesn’t want me to talk, but if you see his leg, at 10 pm the UFC doctor was in his room because he was cramping his calf. If you look, his calf was full of suction cups. He did not sleep for the fight. And another thing: more than a year without a fight. Several factors. There was no performance, I can’t explain it, I don’t know if I was sleepy. Imagine not sleeping for more than 24 hours. You can ask anyone who doesn’t sleep 24 hours what happens. We don’t want to talk about it, he even asked me: “Just tell people that I will come back stronger, tell those who are allies that I will come back stronger and be champion”. And because Adesanya fought well too. We don’t want to take his credit, but we don’t want to … What he did in the end was the end of the world. Borrachinha really wants to beat Adesanya. He said: “Wallid, this is the focus of my life. If you don’t give me the rematch, put me to fight on the same day he goes to fight, because if the guy who goes to fight him falls, I fight him”. Adesanya is expected to fight again in January or February. This is the date we want. January or February for his return.

Best moments: Israel Adesanya vs. Paulo Borrachinha, at UFC 253

According to Wallid Ismail, Paulo Borrachinha’s plan was to move up to light heavyweight (up to 93kg) after the fight against Adesanya. However, the Nigerian’s provocation after the confrontation made the Brazilian change his mind and go on to the middleweight.

– He’s very upset, people don’t understand. A lot of tramp talking nonsense, but we don’t care. We listen to allies who know the value of Borrachinha. This guy is a phenomenon, but it wasn’t his day. I don’t even like to say that. This shit about not sleeping … He said: “There is no excuse, just say that I will come back stronger than ever. I wanted to climb to 93kg, but my focus now is 84kg”. He gave up because of Adesanya, he wants Adesanya. He said: “It’s personal, a thing of honor”. Because what he did is a vagabond, shameless, shameless thing. Pester thing. So he has to pay. You have to go to war. He says: “I’m angry because I didn’t fight”. Nobody expected it. It was crazy. It was a mistake. It was this: when it started to kick, it was war. It took two minutes, the guy in advantage, now it’s the war. It’s all or nothing. Lose one or lose a thousand. Whoever loses one loses a thousand. It’s hard to explain. He’s more *** than anyone, but with a huge will.

Ilha da Luta came back with everything. Check out UFC Holm vs. Aldana live at Combate! – Photo: Infoesporte

Ilha da Luta came back with everything. Check out UFC Holm vs. Aldana live at Combate!


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