Want to get out of sedentary lifestyle? Check out which physical activity matches your sign


Doesn’t laziness let you exercise? Know that there are physical activities that suit you, according to your sign. The astrologer and tarologist Danilo Schwarz has listed some sports that can help you get rid of a sedentary lifestyle.

“Everyone from certain signs has a tendency to appreciate a specific sport”, highlights Danilo, who analyzes the typical behaviors of each sign to give hints. According to him, to decide the right physical activity, it is important to observe if the person is more shy, restless, creative, fun, among other characteristics.

See the physical activity that matches each sign:

Aryans have a lot of energy and need to vent the entire accumulation. The ideal is to practice some intense physical activity like Crossfit or Jiu-Jitsu.

Taureans tend to enjoy a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, exercising indoors is a great option. Cycling on the exercise bike or on the treadmill are great options. Cycling is very welcome when surrounded by nature.

Geminis are restless and don’t like monotony. Basketball and pole dance can be very creative and fun options for people of this sign.

Cancerians need emotional motivation and relate very well to nature and animals. Horse riding and fencing are two sports that people of this sign can do well by practicing.

Leoninos are competitive in the sport and take pleasure in standing out. In sport, running and swimming can do a lot of good for your health and ego.

Virginians are calculating and seek perfection. Because they have great delicacy and body sensitivity, ballet and kung fu are recommended.

Librans work best when there is some social stimulus. Playing sports like tennis and zumba can be very good for people of this sign.

Scorpios are reserved and cherish privacy. As they tend to be individualistic, sports like swimming and golf are great options.

Sagittarians love sports. They are optimistic and love adventures. Practicing volleyball and outdoor exercises will do very well for those belonging to this sign.

Capricorns are very determined and focused. As they almost never end up having time to go to the gym, it would be interesting to practice Yoga or Pilates to develop greater body flexibility.

Aquarians are sociable and revolutionary, but they need to remember to take care of themselves. As he is a great lover of the outdoors and the wind, his favorite sports can be football and skydiving.

Pisceans are felt and dreamers. To get along with sports they need to identify completely with what they are doing. Tai chi chuan and acroyoga are very interesting options for people of this mystical sign.


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