Washed-faced lion awaits stable Austrians … and ‘spares’


THE Sporting faces next Thursday, at 20 hours, the LASK Linz, at Alvalade stadium, in a duel related to the playoff of access to the Europa League group stage.

Instead of previous seasons, this tie is played in one hand and a loss will translate goodbye to European competition for one of the teams.

The Austrian team is an old acquaintance of the green and white club, since, in the previous season, the LASK played Sporting on two occasions, both for the Europa League group stage.

However, in just over nine months a lot has changed in the two emblems, both in terms of players present in the respective plants, as well as on the faces that direct respective banks.

It is enough to remember that at 12 December, date of the last confrontation between LASK and Sporting, and ended with a 3-0 Austrian triumph, the coach Valérien Ishmael still ‘resided’ in the emblem of Linz, for now the place will be occupied by Dominik Thalhammer. And life even runs smoothly for the 49-year-old, who, in the five games played this time, has now added four wins and a draw, in a balance between goals scored and conceded 15-2.

It should be added that, for the championship, the LASK occupies the third position, with seven points, just two of the leader and current champion, RB Salzburg. In addition to this dome of good results, we must also couple the numbers blunt that the Austrian side applied in the previous round to Dun. Wednesday of Slovakia (7-0). Here, then, is a good business card before returning to Alvalade, a field from which the LASK defeated, on 3 October 2019, 2-1, in a duel on matchday two of the Europa League group stage.

Third round between Sporting and LASK: An unrecognizable lion against an opponent of almost similar identity

We have already seen that the ‘mentors’ who sit respective banks are different compared to the last matches between the two teams: Valérien Ishmael gave way to Dominik Thalhammer, already Silas marched from Alvalade in exchange for Rúben Amorim.

However, it is important to remember that the 22 members who were members in Alvalade, in October 2019, will undoubtedly be vastly different from the names that will enter the game sheet of Thalhammer and Amorim.

Just remember that in that previous duel that took place in the green and white bastion, the lions entered the field with Renan, Luís Neto, Coates, Mathieu, Doumbia, Miguel Luís, Wendel, Bruno Fernandes, Acuna; Bolasie e Luiz Phellype. Which means that, of this eleven, only Coates, Luís Neto and Wendel repeat ownership.

In its turn, Valérien Ishmael entered Alvalade with the following eleven: Bat, Wiesinger, Filipovic, Trauner, Holland, Michorl, Ranftl, Potzmann, Frieser, Goiginger e Raguz. If the changes we see in the campus Sporting are abyssal and the changes in the green and white spine confirm that, already in the team of Dominik Thalhammer the stability scenario reigns.

Compared to what happened almost a year ago and compared to the eleven that Thalhammer played in the last game for the Austrian championship, against the Wolfsberger, eight players repeat the title: Bat, Wiesinger, Trauner, Wiesinger, Michorl, Holland, Ranftl e Raguz.

It is also important to remember that in the current transfer market, the LASK disbursed only 1.25 million euros, four of which seven reinforcements reached zero cost. In fact, the philosophy of the club remains to bet on the silver of the house and with local stamp, after all of the 27 players that integrate the campus only eight are foreigners.

In fact, a very different situation from the Alvalade club, which still has to apply some cuts in the dimension of the campus, and which currently has 21 foreign players in the team. However, and apart from these figures, it is important to highlight another big difference, which highlights the value of respective clubs.

According to data released by the portal Transfermarkt, The campus at the orders of Rúben Amorim is valued at 153.83 million euros, well above the market value of one LASK Linz which stands at 31.45 million.

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