We already know when the next “Cristina Day” is. And it’s less than 48 hours from now – Television


Less than a week after the premiere, which took place on September 23, there is already a date for the next “Cristina’s Day”. It will be next Tuesday, September 29th. The format will occupy TVI’s daytime and, judging by the first broadcast, there will be many surprises and prizes.

At the premiere of her new program, Cristina Ferreira received Mariza, Jorge Jesus and even awarded the biggest prize of a Portuguese television program, 150 thousand euros. Cláudio Ramos, Rúben Rua and Helena Coelho, who revealed their new program, also visited the mega-studio, installed at Plural Entertainment.

Cristina Ferreira was the audience leader during the broadcast of “Dia de Cristina”, which was only beaten in the afternoon by Júlia Pinheiro. “Júlia” guaranteed SIC 483 thousand loyal viewers. The program, despite being behind “Dia de Cristina” in terms of average audience (5.1%), managed to reach a larger market share (22.4%) during the time it was shown (15:30 to 18:00) ).


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