‘We are very much in tune’


Bianca Andrade, Boca Rosa, no longer hides her relationship with Bruno Carneiro, Fred dos Desimpedidos.

In her last program, the ex-BBB called the singer Giulia Be, owner of the hit “Menina Solta”, for a chat and joked: “Now I’m dating, but I’m still a loose girl”.

To the delight of the fans, the influencer called Fred to participate in a program program. “For the first time, a man participating in our board game, nothing more, nothing less than my man,” said Bianca, who received the beloved with hugs.

Marcela McGowan, who was responsible for intermediating the wanted, joked: “My couple”.

With the theme ‘Free Love’, Bianca started the conversation saying what she thinks about her relationship with Bruno: “He doesn’t have a definition, he’s free. He doesn’t have a formula”.

“We are working because we are very much in tune [..] We try to be as sincere as possible and it’s working really well […] I still have my life and she [Bianca] has hers “, confessed Fred.

After exchanging kisses during the production, Boca Rosa insisted on posting a photo on Instagram next to her boyfriend. “Sinister Union,” she captioned the hot scene.


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