Weather, Precipitation | The meteorologist: – We have not seen this for a long time


After a weekend with a lot of sleet and occasionally strong winds, it seems that large parts of the country are facing a warmer week.

On the night before Sunday, minus degrees were measured in several places in northern Norway, and on Saturday a new September record was set for gusts of wind at Tryvannshøgda at 24.3 meters per second, the Meteorological Institute reports on Twitter.

This happened after a weekend that began with a bunch of danger warnings about rain and strong winds, and not least snow in several places.

Now the meteorologists report that the start of the coming week offers warmer weather and occasionally also sun. In several places the temperature can reach 17-20 degrees.

StormGeo announced on Friday that several places can have September’s first «summer day».

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– Not for long

In the latest satellite image of Norway, which the Meteorological Institute has posted on Twitter, they say that it is now almost completely cloudless in the north of the country.

– The meteorologist has not seen this for a long time! After a stormy period, northerners can finally enjoy the good weather. The days ahead offer rising temperatures and absent storms, they write.

The duty officer at the Meteorological Institute, Siri Wiberg, explains that a change in the north is the reason for the good weather ahead.

– Previously, there were several storms and low pressure that came rolling in towards northern Norway, but now the low pressure has moved south. Then high pressure comes in from the southeast up in the north, which gives a lot of good weather, she tells Nettavisen.

According to Wiberg, the only thing that can ruin the good views is some fog clouds. This, on the other hand, applies most to the coasts of Nordland and Troms.

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– Pretty wet

Thus, it is southern Norway that comes out worst in the coming week, with a lot of Eastern weather on its way inland.

– It is not very favorable for us on the east side of the mountains. There will be some small fronts, which means that it will rain in Western Norway on Tuesday, but it can also be nice at the beginning of the week in some places, says Wiberg.

Gusts from western Norway can in fact provide hot air over southern Norway, so that the blow-drying effect contributes to degrees of up to 18 reds.

– The clouds, on the other hand, are a little difficult to predict, but the places where there will be a lot of sun and little clouds can get up to 18 degrees, including on Monday. This applies to both Trøndelag, but also Eastern Norway, says the state meteorologist.

From Thursday and towards the end of the week, however, it is expected to be “quite wet”, according to Wiberg.

– Agder and Telemark are most exposed, but there will probably be quite a lot of precipitation in Eastern Norway in general over the end of the week. In several places we are probably talking 100 millimeters. We will also monitor whether danger warnings should be sent out, says the meteorologist.


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