Weekly covid-19 cases rise again in Brazil


In the last epidemiological week, the numbers of cases and deaths rose again after a sharp drop in the previous week. Records of positive diagnoses for covid-19 increased by 10% and notifications of deaths from the disease increased by 6%.

The data are in this week’s Epidemiological Bulletin presented at a press conference held by the Ministry of Health today (23). The analysis considers Epidemiological Week (SE) 38, referring to the period from the 13th to the 19th of this month. The SE indicator is used by health authorities to measure the evolution of pandemics, such as that of the coronavirus.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, the sum of cases in SE 38 was 212,553, against 192,687 in the previous epidemiological week. The curve had started a downward movement on the SE 30; two months ago, it had an increase between SEs 35 and 36 and had suffered a big drop between SEs 36 and 37, until this trend reversed.

The Health Surveillance Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Arnaldo de Medeiros, brought for the first time a comparative of two weeks (period used by health authorities because it is the time of manifestation of the coronavirus), highlighting that despite the high registered in the last week , if this interval is considered, there was a decrease.

“We found that there was an increase in the last week. But when we look at the period we use as a parameter for 14 consecutive days, we have a 23% reduction in new cases ”, pondered the secretary.

The change in the trajectory of the curve occurred in all regions of the country, being greater in the Midwest (16%), South (12%) and Northeast (11%).

Evolution of the number of new covid-19 case records by SE. Brazil, SE 38.

Evolution of the number of new covid-19 case records by SE. Brazil, SE 38. – Ministry of Health

The reversal in the downward movement also occurred in the death curve. In the last epidemiological week, 5,322 deaths were registered, against 5,007 in the previous one. The curve has been on a plateau since SE 23 in May. It started to show a slight reduction from SE 30, consolidating the trend in SE 34.

Medeiros commented that the ministry is evaluating, but that in changing the curves, the increase in tests and other factors may have influenced it. “We are testing much more in Brazil than in the past. When this occurs, you are much more likely to identify new cases. In the last few weeks, there has been a finalization of the analysis of deaths that were not concluded ”, he pointed out.

In the distribution by state, the increase in cases occurred, mainly, in the North Region (40%). There was also an increase in the Southeast (10%) and South (6%). In the Northeast (-5%) and Midwest (-2%) there was a slight decrease.

Evolution of the number of new covid-19 death records by SE. Brazil, SE.

Evolution of the number of new covid-19 death records by SE. Brazil, SE. – Ministry of Health

International situation

In the global situation, to date, 31,3745,325 cases and 966,399 deaths have been recorded since the beginning of the pandemic. The United States has 6.8 million cases, India with 5.6 million and Brazil with 4.5 million.

In number of deaths, the USA leads with 198,793 and Brazil comes in 2nd place, with 137,200 cases.

When looking at the situation of cases per 1 million inhabitants, the world situation is 4,019 cases and 123.8 deaths. In the incidence coefficient (cases per 1 million inhabitants) Brazil is in the 11th position, while in the mortality rate (deaths per 1 million inhabitants) Brazil is in the 7th position.


Until SE 38, 388,091 cases of covid-19 with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome were registered. Another 84,474 are still under investigation. Deaths due to covid-19 and SRAG totaled 133,092, with 2,433 under investigation.

Covax Consortium

In the online interview, the Secretary of Science, Technology, Innovation and Strategic Inputs of the Ministry of Health, Hélio Angotti Neto, confirmed that the federal government intends to join the Covax Facility, a group of several countries that aims to accelerate development vaccines and provide equitable access to these solutions worldwide.

“Covax brings together several proposals for vaccine development, working with principles such as safety, effectiveness, logistics. In the case of Brazil, we work with criteria such as being viable to take to the population ”, explained Neto.

Despite the similar name, Covax is not to be confused with Covaxx, a subsidiary of the United States biotechnology company United Biomedical Inc, which entered into a partnership with the national laboratory Dasa to test yet another coronavirus vaccine alternative.

Mental health

Angotti Neto informed that the government intends to make resources available to the municipalities to reinforce the purchase of medicines to face mental health problems. According to him, the intention is to strengthen the purchasing power of city halls in view of the repercussions of the pandemic on the mental well-being of the population.

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