– Western Norway can get some of the best weather in all of Europe


According to the meteorologist, the weather will be nice and temperatures up to 20 degrees.

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On Saturday, it will probably be sunny all day, according to Isak Slettebø, meteorologist on duty at Stormgeo. Photo: Jan M. Lillebø (archive)

After 24 hours of continuous rainfall, the weather should turn.

– It was not very intense rain showers, but more rain than we will get in a while, says on-duty meteorologist Isak Slettebø at Stormgeo.

And continues:

– As we enter October, it is Eastern Norway that will take the brunt.

This is the start of the autumn holidays

From 5 to 9 October, there is an autumn holiday in Bergen. For many, the holiday begins as early as Friday afternoon.

Then it will roar down in Spain and France, among other places.

– In Western Norway, the weather will be fine, almost no precipitation, says Slettebø.

– Western Norway can get some of the best weather in all of Europe.

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The autumn holidays begin with summer heat in Western Norway. Photo: Marita Aarekol (archive)

The nice weather starts on Wednesday, and then it really starts on Friday, he says.

The best weather will be on Saturday.

– It is important to get as far as possible north in Western Norway, and as far out towards the coast, to get the best weather. It is completely different from what we are used to.

Usually the weather is best inland, he says.

It will also be warmer than normal. In Bergen, the average temperature for October is 12 degrees, but this weekend and the start of the autumn holidays we will be up to five or six degrees above normal.

That is up to 20 degrees in some places.

The sun will shine in Bergen this weekend. Photo: Alice Bratshaug (archive)

Windy this weekend

– A lot of wind has been reported, and I see that Storm and Yr report very different wind strength, especially in the mountains.

According to Slettebø, this is because there are different, automatic calculations on which the wind forecasts are based.

– My advice is to take an average of both wind forecasts, and watch the weather forecast on TV 2, and preferably NRK as well. Since it is made by a meteorologist who has interpreted the weather forecasts, he says.

The nice weather will last for a while, says Slettebø.

– In terms of precipitation, it looks very good for Western Norway. But it seems that this fine weather will not last forever.

Too little “debris” the westerners have to reckon with.

– It’s a bit mixed. But I also do not see any violent rainfall episodes next week.



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