What benefits will be paid in 2020?


Several benefits are being paid to informal or formal workers. Among them are the payments of emergency aid, the Guarantee Fund for Time of Service (FGTS), an emergency modality, in addition to the PIS / Pasep salary bonus.

The measures were created to minimize the impacts of the new coronavirus pandemic, with the exception of the PIS / Pasep salary bonus, which was already programmed. But after all, who is entitled to the benefits listed, and how long will they be granted?

The 12 emergency FGTS lots have already been released. Regarding emergency aid, the government has already confirmed that the last installment will be deposited in December. THE PIS / Pasep subscription it is the only benefit that extends until 2021. Check out more details of each one!

Emergency FGTS

The withdrawal of up to R $ 1,045 from the Severance Pay Fund (FGTS) was one of the benefits created to help workers in facing the pandemic. The deposits started on June 29 and ended on September 21, according to the birth of workers.

However, to withdraw money, beneficiaries must wait a few weeks. This is because Caixa first deposits the amount in the account, and later releases it for transactions. The withdrawal and transfer calendar extends until November 14th.

Workers who have active (current employment) or inactive (previous employment) accounts at FGTS are entitled to the benefit. Withdrawal can be made until December 31, 2020. Check the calendar:

Emergency aid

The financial benefit is intended for informal workers, individual microentrepreneurs (MEI), self-employed and unemployed. The objective is to provide emergency protection in the period of facing the crisis caused by the pandemic.

At first, the government granted five installments of R $ 600. However, the benefit was extended for another four months with installments of R $ 300.

Currently, Caixa continues to pay R $ 600 in installments. In addition, the bank has already started depositing the 6th installment, in the amount of R $ 300, for Bolsa Família beneficiaries. Check it out below:

  • September 17: NIS ended in 1
  • September 18: NIS ended in 2
  • September 21st: NIS ended in 3
  • September 22: NIS ended in 4
  • September 23th: NIS ended in 5
  • September 24: NIS ended in 6
  • September 25: NIS ended on 7
  • September 28: NIS ended on 8
  • September 29: NIS ended 9
  • September 30: NIS ended in 0

PIS / Pasep subscription

The benefit is intended for workers who exercised a formal contract for at least 30 days in 2018 and / or 2019, and who received, on average, up to two minimum wages per month. In addition, to be entitled to the benefit, it is necessary to be enrolled in PIS / Pasep for at least five years.

The value of the PIS / Pasep allowance varies according to the working time. Those who worked all year receive a minimum wage (R $ 1,045, in 2020). The person who worked only one month, for example, earns an amount proportional to 1/12 of the minimum wage, which today is equivalent to R $ 87.08.

So far, the benefit has been granted to those born in July, August and September. The Federal Government will still release nine lots of the salary bonus. The calendar continues until next year, according to the month of birth of the PIS beneficiaries (employees of private companies) and the registration number in Pasep (civil servants). Check out!

  • PIS payment schedule

PIS payment schedule

  • Pasep payment schedule

Pasep payment schedule

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