what consists of crystal therapy


“A path of balance between our inner truth, our essence and our personality”, says holistic therapist Simone Kobayashi, about the practice of crystal therapy.

The realization of alternative therapies has been gaining more followers in recent times and, mainly, during the pandemic. According to CBN, “YouTube channel owners, Instagram profiles and apps saw the number of hits multiply in the last month” – which refers to March this year.

Find out what crystal therapy consists of. | Photo: Reproduction.

Crystal Therapy

Among the various techniques that are outside of conventional medicine, crystal therapy consists of the use of energized stones, which aim to balance the energy field of those who use them. It can be done either through a consultation with a trained therapist in the field, or individually, from the practice itself. However, it is necessary to understand the purpose of each stone and the correct way to use them.

Also according to Simone Kobayashi, “the chakras are energy centers that represent the different aspects of the human being’s subtle nature – physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies.” And it is precisely in the chakras that the stones are placed at the time of therapy with the crystals. The main energetic points are located along the spine and the therapist investigates which ones are out of balance to choose the stones that will best fulfill the necessary functions.

“We use stones and crystals to bring energy harmonization, so that the body’s energy flows in a more positive way”, says therapist Cláudia Mendonça.

And for those who aspire to achieve this harmony, it is not strictly necessary to attend a professional. It is also possible to perform what is called self-application of crystallotherapy. In which the individual uses the stones on his own, at the time of a meditation or carries them as amulets.

However, just like the Soul Guide he points out: “always remember that you are manipulating a stone of power, accessing the wisdom of the mineral world. That is why it is necessary to know how to use, clean and energize it correctly ”.

By Isabel Mello – Speak! Casper


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