What if you paid for your purchases with the palm of your hand? – Marketeer


After telling consumers to leave the phone at home, Amazon says they don’t need to take the phone with them either. The e-commerce giant is betting more and more on physical stores, but with a digital component, and the latest novelty is a means of payment that uses only the hands.

Through Amazon One, customers’ palm is scanned and a bridge is created for their credit card (previously associated). This way, you don’t have to wait in line to pay: just pass your hand and move on.

For now, the novelty will be tested in two Amazon Go stores in the United States of America, but the company led by Jeff Bezos hopes to expand the new biometric device to more points of sale. According to CNBC, the objective is also to sell Amazon One to other businesses, including retailers, stadiums and offices.

One of the main obstacles to the generalization of the novelty could be the concern of consumers regarding the security and privacy of their data. Amazon guarantees, however, that the technology is “highly secure” and that images of the palms are not stored on the device. On the other hand, they are encrypted and stored in an Amazon cloud area created specifically for this purpose.

In addition, Amazon One users will be able to request that their biometric data be deleted after each use. According to Amazon, the palm of the hand is, however, a biometric option that is more private than the eyes or face: “You cannot determine a person’s identity by looking at the image of their palm.”


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