What should happen in God of War Ragnarok?


God of War Ragnarok was recently revealed at the PS5-focused event. Certainly the ad excited fans, however, only the title was revealed. You know those ads without salt just with the game logo? This is exactly what happened. That said, I decided to write this text to try to predict what should happen in the next game in the franchise. Although the final events of the 2018 work gave clues, the scene may have been just a smokescreen. Don’t you remember which scene in question? Check it out below:

In short, Atreus and Kratos wake up to the sound of thunder years later after the end of the 2018 adventure. Suddenly, a mysterious man appears on the screen, carrying an iconic hammer called Mjolnir. Yes, Thor finally gets to the spot, motivated to avenge his children. For those who don’t remember, Kratos kills Magni, Thor’s favorite son. His brother, Modi, manages to escape to Asgard, however, he ends up being beaten by his own father for abandoning his brother.

The game mentions that Thor is the biggest killer of giants in history, being the main responsible for the extinction of the race. This information will certainly be important in the next game, after all, Atreus is half giant. As well? His mother, Laufey, is a giant. Continuing… During the game, Mimir mentions that Thor and the World Serpent hate each other and are mortal enemies. So far in the game, the Serpent is the only one who managed to “test” the God of Thunder.

God of War Ragnarok: The Twilight of the Gods?

Now that things are interesting … A prophecy states that the rivalry between the two will end during Ragnarok, a period known as the Twilight of the Gods. Why does this information matter? According to the mural that appears in the game, Jormungad appears to originate with Kratos’ defeat. Check out the image below:

As the image shows, Kratos will apparently be killed in the clash with Thor. Along the journey with Atreus, the two learn that the God of Thunder likes to smash enemies’ heads with his powerful hammer. Upon dying, everything indicates that Atreus will activate his special powers, transporting his father’s spirit to the World Serpent. In short, yes, Kratos and the Serpent can be the same “person”. During the adventure of father and son, Mimir comments that the boy has a mysterious connection with the snake, managing to understand what it says and being protected by it.

Ah, but how is the snake in the Gift of the game? Another detail mentioned in the game: she traveled in time. Now pay attention because things are going to get kind of complex. According to Mimir, Ragnarok’s prophecy states that the Serpent and Thor will duel each other. In the fight, Thor will hit the Serpent so hard that he will fragment Yggdrasil, sending the creature into the past even before he was born. When looking at the Mural above, everything indicates that the fight will actually be between Thor and Kratos. Upon being killed, with a blow to the head, Atreus gives life to Jormungad, sending her into the past with the mission to protect both him and his father. Of course, this is all speculative, but it makes a lot of sense to me.

Kratos morto ag e agora God of War Ragnarok?

To be quite honest, the ending of God of War 2018 seemed to me quite a farewell to Kratos. It is past time for the Ghost of Sparta to have its deserved rest. That said, we come to the name Ragnarok and its meaning. As I mentioned above, the period is used to describe the Twilight of the Gods, that is, the death of the Gods. If Kratos really dies, it is obvious that Atreus will assume the role that his father played for so long: that of revenge.

Thor was responsible for the death of his entire family, both his father and his mother, so it is natural that the boy wants to take revenge. My theory is that we will control Atreus / Loki over much of Ragnarok, bringing the deserved punishment in the pantheon of the Norse gods. In the video you can see below, we can see that Tyr had a way of traveling between different kingdoms. In addition, four symbols of different mythologies appear: Japanese, Greek, Nordic and Egyptian.

One possible path to the game is for Atreus to learn to travel through the realms, justifying more games in the future. Another path to be followed is that the kingdoms may be at war, as it is said in the video, so Kratos and the boy can travel through different mythologies to prevent the world from ending. The future is uncertain, but fortunately there is little to know what will happen.

When will God of War Ragnarok be released?

In his revelation trailer, the year 2021 appears, indicating the desired date for the release of the work. Although this information is the only official one at the moment, I don’t particularly believe that the game will be released next year.

Regarding the platform, nothing has been said if the game will be crossgen or will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, my bet: it will certainly be released only on PS5. That said, you may already want to secure your console. It is pre-sold on Amazon. You can make the purchase at the links below:

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