WhatsApp receives a mega-news that everyone wants!


WhatsApp is getting ready to receive a mega-news that everyone wants! In fact, it is perhaps the one that will give the most use to those who use this platform daily. I speak, in particular, of support for multiple devices with only one account. That is, you can use your WhatsApp account on two or three smartphones, computer, tablet and wherever you want. Even on different platforms. Android smartphone and iPhone, simultaneously.

WhatsApp receives a mega-news that everyone wants!

The WaBetaInfo website says that this function is already in a final stage of development. Now it will be available quickly in the beta version. The source recommends that anyone who wants to get to this point sooner than the others has to sign up as a beta tester for WhatsApp on the Play Store. Unfortunately, at the moment, the beta program is full. But when a new version is released it will be made available on alternative sites with APKMirror.

WhatsApp a

According to known information, the WhatsApp account will be able to work on four devices at the same time. That is, two smartphones, a tablet or a computer. Or three smartphones and a computer.

This has been one of the features most requested by users. And a long time ago. In fact, they have been asking for it since 2009! It’s just “boring” that we can only use it on a smartphone and on the computer, when we currently even have equipment at home. In fact, in addition, there are many people who use more than a smartphone on a daily basis.

That’s why WhatsApp Web is renamed. Basically it is a replacement for something called Linked Devices. This feature allows us to have this platform running at the same time on different devices and with the same associated number. However, there is a limit. As I mentioned above, you can only use your account for a maximum of four, but it is still very good.

WhatsApp a

WhatsApp Web, for example, worked on the computer but needed the smartphone. Not anymore. Whatever runs on the four devices of your choice will be completely independent. You can read more about it here.

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