Which TVI presenter did you not need? Maria Cerqueira Gomes replies


Mafalda Castro, Maria Correia and Conguito received at ‘Cala-te Boca’, from Mega Hits, Maria Cerqueira Gomes. The presenter was asked questions related to TVI and left none unanswered.

“If Camião do Ben were overweight and it was necessary to leave one of the ‘Somos Portugal’ presenters at the side of the road, who would be the presenter to stand on the side of the road in proportion to his talent?”, Asked the radio broadcasters.

“It would leave the presenter on the road who has the greatest ability to sell anything. He would manage in three times to get a ride to Lisbon: Santiago ”, replied Maria Cerqueira Gomes.

If the presenter received a message from Manuel Luís Goucha and another one Cristina Ferreira, and could only open one, what would be your choice?

“Cristina’s, because she’s the one who’s been texting me and she’s the one who tells me what I’m going to do next”, replied Maria. In the end, she received a difficult question: “If you were TVI’s program director and you had to dismiss a presenter, who would it be?”

“I did not need Mafalda de Castro, she is already on the radio,” replied Maria Cerqueira Gomes in a joking tone, also taking advantage of the fact that she was Mafalda asking you the question.

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