Who does not pay the rent can be evicted, clarifies the new law – Observer


The tenant protection that was launched in the context of the pandemic – and which has just been extended until December 31 – is only valid if there is a “regular payment of rent due” from October to December 2020. This is a clarification that it is in the law approved this Friday, notes the Jornal de Negócios, since there could be some confusion regarding the scope of the protection measures that were approved.

Denunciations of lease contracts (residential and non-residential) have been suspended since March – a measure that has now been extended to the end of the year. Even when contracts come to an end, unless the tenant does not object, contracts cannot be terminated (a measure to prevent families from having to look for a new home during the pandemic).

In this context, at the initiative of the PS, a new article was included in the legislation (approved Friday) that clarifies that the exceptional regime only protects that the payment of the rent is being fulfilled – whoever is not paying can therefore be evicted . This also applies, according to a lawyer quoted by Negócios (Regina Santos Pereira), to possible default payments that have already occurred in other months since the beginning of the pandemic – these debts have to be settled, and loans from the Institute are available Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) for situations of financial need.


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