Who should leave the field and become the new farmer?


The DCI newspaper is already on top of everything that happens in the reality A Fazenda 2020. The attraction has already started on fire in the hay. Vote in the Poll A Fazenda 12 and choose who should leave Roça and become the new farmer of the week. Biel, Rodrigo or Juliano Ceglia?

The Farm 12 under command of Marcos Mion there is fire in the hay and it is pure emotion, come and see. Rodrigo Moraes, Biel e Juliano Ceglia are in the hot seat, along with Raissa Barbosa. However, only one of the three can escape the hot seat and become the new farmer of the week. Who do you want to continue to fight for the R $ 1.5 million prize? Vote for Poll The Farm 12.

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Fazenda 12: How was the Roça vote?

The dawn of this Wednesday (30) in reality The Farm 12, was marked by moments of tension in the game. In the first contact with the confined, Marcos Mion asked to Lipe Ribeiro reveal which Flame Power he would choose to stay, and to which he would give the other. After reading the two envelopes, he preferred to keep the green power and passed the red to Lucas Selfie.

Who did the farmer recommend?

Soon after, the host gave the floor to the farmer of the week, Carol Narizinho, who chose Rodrigo Moraes to go straight to the hot seat. In the justification of the vote, she referred to the vote she received from him for the farm, when the same nominated her for the hot seat with the justification that she had no ‘blood in her eyes’.

Vote also Poll The Farm 12

The runner-up was the participant Raissa Barbosa, who received a total of 6 votes for the house. Once in the hot seat, she had to choose a pawn from the stall to compete in the game. As a strategy and deadlock in the game, she decided to pull singer Biel. However, there was still one participant left to go to the fields.

In the “Resta Um” dynamic, the one who went wrong was the Lucas Cartoloouco. The decision was in the hands of Lipe, who saved Lidi Lisboa. However, the game has turned. That is, with the power of the Green Flame, the owner of the Lampião, took Cartolouco from the field and indicated in his place, the participant Juliano Ceglia. With that, the third garden is formed.

The Farm 12: Raissa again the most voted of the house

After all, each field formation gives something to talk about. However, the most voted by the house this week, was again, the participant Raissa Barbosa. Thus, she received 6 votes and went straight to the field.

Who doesn’t dispute the Farmer’s Proof?

Also during the formation of the farm of reality A Fazenda 12, the participant Juliano Ceglia (chosen from the green flame by Lipe Ribeiro), had the chance to take one of the participants out of the dispute of the farmer’s test, which takes place this Wednesday (30). However, stamping his passport straight to the field, he chose to veto Raissa Barbosa from the dispute for the much desired farmer’s hat.

The Farm 12: Only one can be saved from the farm

On Wednesday’s program (30), the roceiros Rodrigão, Biel e Juliano Ceglia will participate in the Farmer’s Trial, which in fact will save a pawn from the hot seat. The elimination will take place on Thursday (1) starting at 22:30. So you have two more days to vote for Poll The Farm 12.

Who voted for whom in the country?


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