who should win the reality show?


Fazenda 2020 is already in its third week of exhibition and still promises a lot of noise. Two participants have already said goodbye to the R $ 1.5 million prize. Whose fans are you?

On September 8, the audience of A Fazenda 2020 met the 20 faces of the edition. Anything goes for R $ 1.5 million! For you, who should be the big winner of the season? Vote for poll The Farm 2020. The 12th edition of the program ends in December.

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Poll A Fazenda 2020: who participates in reality?


Jojo Toddynho

The Farm 2020
Jojo Todynho, participant of A Fazenda 2020 (Photo: Reproduction)

One of the most cited names in the edition, Jojo Todynho draws attention. On social media, the 23-year-old singer was called “queen of A Fazenda 2020”.

Biel – The Farm 2020

Image of singer Biel who is in A Fazenda 12
Bial is a participant in A Fazenda 2020 (Photo: Reproduction)

Biel is one of the most well-known faces in the edition. Involved in polemics for some years, his participation has given something to talk about since the premiere of A Fazenda 2020.

Victória Villarim

The Farm 2020
Victoria Villarim is in A Fazenda 2020 (Photo: Reproduction)

Victória was the first participant of A Fazenda 2020 to have her name revealed in the TikTok app. In addition to being a model, the São Paulo dancer and digital influencer. She was also known for being ex-fiancee of singer Eduardo Costa.

Mariano -The Farm 2020

Mariano will be at A Fazenda 2020
Mariano is a pawn in A Fazenda 2020 (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Performer of the hit “Camaro Amarelo”, the sertanejo is paired with Munhoz and has more than 2 million followers on Instagram. From the first day of the program, the singer drew the attention of fans of A Fazenda 2020 due to the defined physique.

MC Mirella

MC Mirella
MC Mirella has made noise since the premiere of A Fazenda 2020 (Photo: Reproduction)

The funkeira is 22 years old and has more than 16 million followers on Instagram. In the first week of reality, Mirella got involved in an argument with Jojo Todynho.

Carol Narizinho

Farmer of the week Carol Nizinho image from A Fazenda 2020
Carol Narizinho is the farmer of the week in rural reality (Photo: Reproduction)

Carol is not a newcomer in the world of realities, the ex-panicat has already participated in another competition program on Record TV, the Power Couple Brasil. After the formation of the second farm of A Fazenda 2020, the influencer fell out with the presenter Rodrigo Moraes.

Lucas Maciel

Lucas Selfie
Lucas Maciel is one of the pawns of the edition (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Lucas Maciel became known as Lucas Selfie because of his painting in the extinct Panic. The presenter approached people on the street and pretended to take a selfie. In A Fazenda 2020, the pawn got very close to Biel and Lucas Cartolouco.

Stefani Bays

Stefani Bays
Stéfani Bays is one of the names of A Fazenda 2020 (Photo: Reproduction)

Known for participating in the holiday with ex, Stefáni became famous after one of the most controversial confusions of the reality TV show on MTV, the makeup artist was attacked by Pedro Calderari, who was expelled from the program. In A Fazenda 2020, Stéfani already has a rival since the first day, since Lipe Ribeiro, also from On vacation with his ex, is part of the cast of the edition.

Lipe Ribeiro

Lipe Ribeiro
Lipe Ribeiro, ex- On vacation with the ex, is now on the rural reality show on Record TV (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Entrepreneur and digital influencer, the 28-year-old from Rio de Janeiro caused controversy in the reality of Vacation with his ex and promises to do the same in A Fazenda 2020.

Jakelyne Oliveira

Jakelyne Oliveira
Jakelyne Oliveira was compared to Manu Gavassi at the premiere of the program (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

The model became famous when she won Miss Brazil in 2013 representing the state of Mato Grosso. During a party at A Fazenda 2020, the influencer kissed Mariano. The subject yielded on social networks.

Tays Reis

Tays Reis, participant of the 12th season (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Tays is a singer and became known for being in the Vingadora band. His song “Paredão Metralhadora” became a hit in the country.

Lucas Strabko (Cartolouco)

cartolouco on the farm 2020
Lucas Strabko, known as Cartolouco, in A Fazenda 2020 (Photo: Playback / Record TV)

Lucas Strabko, better known as Cartolouco, was saved in the first farm of A Fazenda 2020. The journalist was in the hot seat next to Raissa Barbosa and Fernandinho BeatBox, but received 33.4% of the votes and continued in the game, Fernandinho did not have the same luck.

Raissa Barbosa

Raissa is one of the participants in A Fazenda 2020 (Photo: Reproduction)

Raissa has been quoted since the first day of A Fazenda 2020. The model became known as “my ex’s lover” on Twitter on the first day of reality when MC Mirella said she didn’t want to compliment her for having an affair with her ex -boyfriend. Shortly after, the influencer got involved in more shack, as it was the most voted in the first garden of the edition. Raissa got angry and threw water at some pedestrians.

Mateus Carrieri – Poll The Farm 2020

Mateus Carrieri
Mateus Carrieri is an actor and voice actor (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Mateus is already experienced in the world of television, at the age of 7, the actor appeared on a program by Silvio Santos, as a child judge of the painting Boa Noite Cinderela. He also participated in soap operas on TV Tupi and SBT. The paulista was also a member of the first edition of the reality show A Casa dos Artistas.

Rodrigo Moraes

rodrigo from A Fazenda 2020
Rodrigo Moraes is presenter and participant of A Fazenda 2020 (Photo: Reproduction)

The presenter was the second farmer of A Fazenda 2020 and discussed with Carol Narizinho after the formation of the second garden of the edition.

Luiza Ambiel – The Farm 2020

Luiza Ambiel
Luiza Ambiel is one of the names of the edition (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Involved in a lot of bullshit at A Fazenda 2020, Luiza is one of the most cited names in the twelfth edition of the rural reality show. Biel even considered leaving the program if the actress returned from the country.

Juliano Ceglia

Image with Juliano Ceglia, participant of A Fazenda 2020
Sports journalist Juliano Ceglia is one of the participants of the Farm (Photo: Reproduction / Personal archive)

The sports journalist is 42 two years old, from São Paulo and was shipped with Raissa Barbosa in A Fazenda 2020.

Lidi Lisboa – Poll The Farm 2020

People of Lisbon
Lidi Lisboa was the most voted in the second garden of the season (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Since the first week of A Fazenda 2020, Lidi has been a name present on the reality show. At the premiere, the audience was able to watch the actress complain about the way some men on the show left the bathroom. After returning from the farm, Lidi also got into trouble with MC Mirella.


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