With a matching look, Titi supports Bless in removing teeth: ‘Good sister’


Giovanna Ewbank shared another cute moment between her sons Titi and Bless. She posted a photo on Instagram showing the brothers combining the look before Bless removed the baby teeth.

“Little black ball string! (Laughs). I can’t stand it! Titi, like a good big sister, all proud of her brother Bless’s courage to pull out her baby teeth! Things to keep in mind and heart,” wrote the actress on Publication.

Giovanna’s fans praised the image. “I will have to fine you for so much beauty,” said one of the followers. “Double cleaning,” said another. “Baby Zyon was just missing to complete,” added a third admirer citing Giovanna’s youngest son.

Giovanna Ewbank often extols the beauty of her children on social media. This month, she also posted videos on Instagram Stories praising Titi, who was shy on camera. “How beautiful, I loved that hairstyle you did,” said the actress in the recording.


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