With coronavirus, Juliana Paes talks about the disease: “This virus is very crazy”


Juliana Paes participated in the program ‘Conversa com Bial’, on TV Globo, at dawn this Thursday (24th), and talked about having contracted the new coronavirus.

In the chat, the actress said that she had a lot of headache, eye pain and loss of taste and smell: “I was diagnosed nine days ago and I only felt the first mild symptoms two days after the diagnosis. This virus is very crazy, very crazy. I started to feel pressure in my head first, then it started to hurt the back of my eyes and I had two days of a lot of headache. And without feeling the taste and smell of anything, ”he said.

Paes also stressed for the virus symptoms not similar to those of a common flu. “It is a different virus. You don’t taste and smell like a common cold. Because in the flu, you still feel that taste in the background, the smell, you partially lose those abilities. But at Covid, no, you don’t feel anything. ”

She also gave good news saying that she is practically recovered from the disease: “My pulmonologist said that I need to complete at least 14 days for me to be fully released. Clinically, I’m very well ”, he concluded.


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