With “game of discord”, Globo gives average audience with Palmeiras x Fla


Globo did not obtain high ratings in the 1-1 tie between Palmeiras and Flamengo, this Sunday (27th), for the 12th round of the Brazilian Championship. Confirmed a few minutes before the scheduled time after an injunction from the Superior Labor Court (TST) on the matter, the game was below what Globo closed in numbers in recent weeks, even starting a little later than it normally starts a game . But the index is still considered positive.

According to previous audience data from Greater São Paulo, obtained by Sports, the match led by Luís Roberto with comments from Júnior, Paulo Nunes and Nadine Basttos, scored 19 points in the average in Greater São Paulo only during the period of the ball rolling, between 16h22 and 18h16. The peak audience for the match was 22 points. At the same time, SBT and Record got 6. The Band got 1 when showing the “Show do Esporte”.

The index is three points less than football scored last week, with the exhibition of Grêmio x Palmeiras, which broke the record of the Brasileirão 2020 on Sundays. Palmeiras x Flamengo scored less also than Fluminense x Corinthians, in the week before last, which reached 20 points of average. The game started 22 minutes late and caused Globo to change its display protocol.

At around 3:37 pm, at the last break of the film session “Maximum Temperature”, Luís Roberto went on the air and explained the situation at the moment. If the game did not happen, the network would show the film “Transformers: The Last Knight”. 14 minutes later, at 3:51 pm, Luís returned to the air on duty, and has already updated viewers of the TST decision, which determined the match dispute – and brought down the film’s lineup.

“There will be a game, my friends!” Announced the narrator. Shortly thereafter, Luis Roberto had to call a new break, even though the match was already opening, so that Globo could show its football advertisers and show its traditional broadcast start sticker – as part of commercial delivery, this global protocol is mandatory.

With the presence of Júnior and Paulo Nunes, everyone agreed that it was impossible to separate what happened in the extra field from what happened in the field. “It is impossible for a player to put that aside,” said the former Flamengo side. Paulo Nunes was in the same vein and commented that there should not have been a game: “I think it was not a day for the ball to roll, the players lose with that”.

Who really criticized more was the narrator Luís Roberto. Throughout the duration of the game, he called the game a game of discord and criticized the clubs’ lack of unity and the legal dispute. “A mixture of foolishness, inconsistency, lack of common sense and insensitivity,” said the narrator several times. It is worth mentioning that the numbers may change in the consolidated, released tomorrow (28) by Ibope.


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