With stricter rules, 5.7 million will no longer receive benefits


The executive secretary of the Ministry of Citizenship, Antônio Barreto, said on Tuesday (29) that 5.7 million beneficiaries of R $ 600 emergency aid will not be entitled to R $ 300 aid.

In early September, the federal government confirmed the so-called “residual emergency aid”, which is a maximum of four installments with a reduced value of R $ 300 each. The criteria for being entitled to these installments are tougher than that of the first five, of R $ 600 each.

The government excluded prisoners in a closed regime and Brazilians living abroad. It also updated the income criterion based on the IRPF declaration for 2020 and removed aid from those who were included as dependents.

In addition, the new rule allows the government to check every month whether the person has obtained a formal job or has started to receive some social security benefit that prevents receiving the aid. In such cases, the government must cut the payment of the next installments.

Barreto also said that 250,000 lawsuits are pending in the Judiciary with requests to receive emergency aid.


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