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Of the four Bahians who formed the group Doces Bárbaros in 1976 to celebrate their 10 years of career, all that remains is for Maria Bethânia to do the live. Gil was first, Caetano came next and this Saturday (26th) was Gal Costa, directly from São Paulo with TNT broadcast on closed TV and on the station’s Youtube. In common: they all did it on their birthdays. Gil on June 26, Caetano on August 7, both celebrating 78 years. And Gal, 75.

Gal started the show by singing “Eu Vim da Bahia”, a song by Gilberto Gil that sounded like a cover letter for those who still didn’t know where it came from.

During 1h30, she revisited her fantastic repertoire singing songs by the composers she recorded the most with affective testimonies from them: Caetano, Gil, Chico, Milton Nascimento, Tom Zé and her friend Maria Bethânia. I believe that everyone saw the live. But I can say that Gilberto Gil was attentive, as his wife Flora Gil told me.

Fan confesses to Roberto Carlos, who made Erasmo Carlos the song Meu Nome é Gal, she sang Sua Stupidity. Caymmi also could not miss Gabriela for Modinha. After all, she recorded an album with only songs by the Bahian composer. There was also Lulu Santos “Creio”, Jorge Bem “Que Pena,” Djavan “Açai” Tom Jobim “Love Theme for Gabriela” and Fábio Jr and Sergio Sá, “What’s up”. Not to mention the classic “Vapor Barato” by Wally Salomão and Jards Macalé. He also sang “Dom de Iludir”, “Baby” and “Força Estranha” all by Caetano. And Chico Buarque’s “Newsletter”.

Asked constantly if he was live, Gal celebrated when he learned that the production was predominantly female. He asked everyone to continue wearing a mask and was thrilled when TNT staff revealed that the live set a record audience. He ended the presentation with an encore of “Festa no Interior”, by Moraes Moreira, a resounding success in his career.

Muse of a generation now in its fifties or older, Gal was delighting his fans. After 30 minutes of the show, I received some messages from younger friends via WhatsApp complaining that they were finding the live a little monotonous, the images a little fuzzy, poor lighting, sound failing. Really in this regard the live left something to be desired.

The live was directed by award-winning screenwriter Laís Bodanzky. About 30 minutes after the end of the broadcast, the live was removed from YouTube.

“The live format admits imperfections. I found camera shake unnecessary. I think it was a language that Laís was trying to put into practice a more ‘dirty’ aesthetic, but I think she weighed a lot on that aesthetic. But I think that The errors of the transmission cut edition were really a sin, because there was a lot of imperfection at that point. But, Gal is Gal and it was a delight, even in spite of the ruthless criticisms that Live and the director suffered “, expressed the filmmaker Ceci Alves.

I understood the complaints and agreed with the complaints. After all, this new generation is more used to singers younger than Gal, like Ivete Sangalo, Daniela Mercury, Margareth Menezes, Anitta, who have another vibe. To resolve any doubts I asked: “besides what did you think of the show?”. Everyone was unanimous: she sings very well and has a great repertoire. I explained: Gal has always been known for her voice and influenced an entire generation of singers who came after her. That is, even with complaints from viewers on social networks about the quality of the broadcast, everyone recognized that Gal held the wave and did his part very well.

On Instagram, Gal thanked: “An unforgettable party next to you! Thank you so much!”


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