Without games to show, Globo will have a movie if Palmeiras x Fla doesn’t happen


Globo acted to have a plan B if the suspension of the game Palmeiras x Flamengo, which would be shown all over Brazil this afternoon, at 4 pm, is maintained. Instead of football, the audience will see a feature film, in a double cinema session. The broadcaster from Rio has been closely monitoring the whole issue since Thursday and expects a final decision to change its last minute schedule. Behind the scenes, Globo works with the information that the TRT-RJ decision to postpone the game because of the covid-19 outbreak in Fla will be reversed.

The feature that is “waiting” is “Transformers: The Last Knight”, produced in 2017 and starring Mark Wahlberg. Globo expects an official CBF position to act. It is worth remembering that, if the decision is reversed, Globo will start normally with transmission commanded by Luís Roberto. Premiere would also show the game, with narration by Odinei Ribeiro. Putting on another football game is out of the question because there is no other match on schedule, and there is little time to “pull” games that occur later.

On Thursday, Globo studied asking for an emergency change at Vasco x Red Bull Bragantino’s schedule, which happened at 11am today, at least to safeguard the game for much of the country and maintain commercial delivery for its advertisers. But the time limit for postponing matches on TV was not met in time, and it was decided to bet on showing the interstate classic.

If the game between Verdão and Fla is canceled for real, Globo will have less of a commercial delivery date for advertisers of its football in 2020, which already has tournaments such as Libertadores da América and Campeonato Carioca in the package. The broadcaster must give exposure to the advertisers in the intervals of the film that will be shown between 16h and 18h.

Sought officially, Globo confirmed that it is ready to change the grid if the game does not occur. “Globo is awaiting the decision of the Justice and CBF on the realization of the match. If it does not happen, the broadcaster is ready to adapt its schedule,” said the broadcaster to Sports.

Palmeiras x Flamengo, which should happen for the Brazilian Championship, was suspended by the Regional Labor Court in Rio de Janeiro, after Sindeclubes (Union of Employees in Clubs, Sports Federations and Confederations and Professional Athletes of the State of Rio de Janeiro) went to court stating that there was a high risk of contagion from covid-19 if the game took place.

“Maintaining the match would imply too much risk to the health of players from both teams, the coaching staff and other employees. In addition, there is a risk of contamination of family members, when returning home (…) In order to guarantee the physical integrity and maintenance of the health of the employees of the 2nd defendant (CLUBE DE REGATAS DO FLAMENGO), I grant urgent protection, on a preliminary basis, and determine that the suspension of the game designated for 9/27/2020 “, says the excerpt of the decision.

In the sports sphere, the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) also denied, yesterday, a new request from Flamengo for the postponement of the match. However, with the decision of the TRT-RJ in the Common Court after the request of Sindeclubes, the game remains suspended. CBF is still trying to guarantee that the match will take place today through an appeal at the Superior Labor Court (TST), in Brasília.


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