Woman infected with Covid spreads virus to 15 people on flight


Uma woman, infected with Covid-19, will have spread the virus to 15 other passengers on an international flight between London and Vietnam, reports the NY Post.

The passenger in question will be a 27-year-old Vietnamese businesswoman who had a sore throat and cough before boarding on 1 March. The latter tested positive for the disease four days later, reports a study published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases.

At 10 p.m. March, and by tracking contacts, health officials determined that women infetou 14 other passengers and a crew member.

“The risk of transmission of SARSCoV-2 on board, during long flights, is real and has the potential to cause clusters of infected, even on executive flights where there are spacious places with a distancencia higher than established “, concludes the study.

Note, however, that at the time, there was no mandatory use of masks on board. The flight took 217 people on board.

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