Woman is rescued at sea after two years without contacting family – 29/09/2020


Angélica Gaitán, a 46-year-old Colombian, was found floating at the weekend, about two kilometers off the coast of Puerto Colombia. She hasn’t reported her whereabouts to her family since 2018.

Affected by a depressive crisis, she threw herself into the waters, where she stayed for about four hours. On the morning of last Saturday (26), however, she was found by local fishermen and rescued. Exhausted, she received water and was taken to a local health post.

According to the newspaper La Libertad, Angélica had left the family in September 2018, after years of episodes of domestic violence. After six months on the streets of Barranquilla (a city in northern Colombia, about 20 km from where she was found), she was taken in by a shelter, but went into depression. Last Friday, he left his address, took a bus and headed for the beach.

Family members, in turn, gave another version: they reported that she went to Ecuador in 2018, where one of her children lives, returning to Colombia in 2019 without informing the family. Relatives were reportedly even contacted by the shelter regarding Angélica’s whereabouts, according to the newspaper.

To the publication, the Secretary of Health of Puerto Colombia, Estafany Frayle, stated that Angélica is stable and has psychological counseling.


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