Woman overturns Audi from R $ 246 thousand to 160 km / h during test drive – 09/22/2020


A 30-year-old woman from Norwich, United States, took an Audi S5 for a test drive last Saturday. However, the car’s evaluation did not end well, with it crashing at about 160 km / h on a road and overturning the vehicle.

The police – who did not disclose the name of the driver – arrived quickly, and saw the model with the front completely destroyed. One of the tires ended up on the other side of the road, and the vehicle’s two airbags were deployed, which caused the driver to have only minor injuries.

The police said: “After the accident, witnesses called to report it observing the irregular direction of the crashed vehicle. The police answered and investigated the scene of almost 137 meters. The driver admitted that she was speeding because she wanted to test the vehicle’s capabilities. . “

In the end, the woman was summoned to court for reckless driving and for not staying in just one lane of traffic on the road.

A new Audi S5 starts from approximately R $ 246 thousand in the USA.


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