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Snake stung woman while she slept

FOTO: Reproduo/Emily Hinds

An Australian woman revealed the moments of panic that passed during the night while sleeping. She woke up with the sensation of something stuck to her face and was shocked to realize that there was a snake in the bed and that the animal had stung her forehead.

Coolalinga resident Emily Hinds, 42, was sleeping next to her husband, Jason, 49, when the incident occurred.

Still drowsy, she thought she might have been bitten by an insect, but as she raised her hand to her face, she felt something cold.

She called her husband, who at first did not believe. But when he turned on the light, he saw the animal from about 60 centimeters.

When Emily looked at her face in the mirror, she saw four blood marks above her right eye. Luckily, the snake of a kind of pton is not poisonous.

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