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Personal archive / Emily Hinds

“I felt like it was a hairpin pinned to the side of the right eye of the face,” said Emily

Emily Hinds, a 42 year old woman, awoke to be bitten on the forehead by a snake
, on Australia
. The woman needed to be medicated because of the perforations, but she is doing well.

The Australian told the Daily Star that she was sleeping in bed and felt “like a hairpin pinned to the right side of her face”. However, Emily says that in the sleepy state she was in, she began to reflect: “how did a hairpin enter my bed, open and close it on my face alone? Then I discovered that something had bitten me, probably an insect”, he says.

The incident happened in Coolalinga, in the Northern Territory. Touching her face, Emily felt something cold and suspected it was a snake. The husband, Jason, did not believe the woman until he turned on the bedroom light and saw a 60 cm snake.

“I looked in the mirror and saw four bloody marks above my right eye. It wasn’t painful, it was more like rough tweezers on my face, but I think because I was asleep at the time, I didn’t really appreciate the whole feeling, ”said Emily.

snake bite mark on woman's forehead

Personal archive / Emily Hinds

Emily’s first thought was that a hairpin was pinching her forehead.

The victim needed to be treated with antibiotics, because of the perforations in the skin, but fortunately the snake, of the python species, was not poisonous.


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