World exceeded one million deaths by covid-19 | Coronavirus


The world this Tuesday reached one million deaths by covid-19. According to Johns Hopkins University, which has counted the various indicators of the evolution of the virus since the beginning of the pandemic, they registered at 1:45 am 1.000.555 deaths by covid-19 worldwide.

On 11 January this year, media outlets around the world announced their first death: a 61-year-old man had died on 9 January in the city of Wuhan, China. This man developed severe pneumonia and had other associated diseases. Since then, cities in China have been quarantined, cases have been confirmed all over the world and deaths have increased.

The first death outside China was announced on February 2: he was a 44-year-old man in the Philippines. At that time, more than 360 deaths had already been registered. The world began to know that it was actually facing a virus that could kill. Meanwhile, passengers on a cruise ship (the Diamond Princess) are quarantined in Japan, the virus and the disease it causes have gained a name and Europe announces its first case on 14 February.

At the end of February, the first death is registered in the United States and the numbers in Italy, more specifically in the Lombardy region, are beginning to grow faster. In March, the first case in Portugal ends up being announced and the first death occurs on March 16 – today it is almost 2000. Also this month, the World Health Organization (WHO) declares a pandemic. Events are postponed around the world – including the Olympic Games – and many countries enact confinement. Doubts arise as to whether to use a mask and in what contexts. Groups that say they are developing vaccines are multiplying and the question is when it will be available. It is questioned how group immunity can be achieved and what immunity those who have contracted the virus will have.

The world reaches the million deaths five months after having passed the threshold of one million infected, on April 3. At this moment, the United States is the country that accumulated the most deaths, followed by India and Brazil. Argentina is the country with the most deaths per thousand inhabitants.

Research on the virus, the development of vaccines and the application (and reflection) on the best public health measures continue in a northern hemisphere that will still go through a winter, where the covid-19 can find the flu. Last week, Michael Ryan, director of the World Health Organization’s health emergency program, warned that “it is very likely” that the number of deaths will double next year, if the already known tools are not used to contain the contagions. With Pedro Sales Dias


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