World Heart Day: Half of patients are more afraid of Covid-19 than of the disease itself – Immediate


About 48% of Portuguese cardiac patients say they are more afraid of Covid-19 than of a worsening of their clinical condition, according to a study commissioned by the Portuguese Cardiology Foundation. This Tuesday is World Heart Day.

“This study comes to prove what we already knew, that is, that the pandemic had, and continues to have, a real impact on the clinical monitoring of cardiac patients. We found that almost half of patients are more afraid of the virus than of a lack of control of their heart disease and this attitude is worrying, it can lead patients to not prioritize their chronic disease ”, said the president of the entity, Manuel Carrageta.

In a phase in which the number of new positive cases of Covid-19 remains high, it is necessary, for the director of the Portuguese Foundation of Cardiology, to reinforce the priority of his disease among cardiac patients. “They should continue to perform all the medical acts scheduled and resort to health care whenever necessary,” he said.

The study, carried out by GfK Metris, also revealed that one in three patients who experienced a worsening of their disease did not resort to health care, half of whom justified inaction with “fear of the pandemic” and 18% with “ cancellation or postponement or for fear of the pandemic ”.

1,000 responses were collected from individuals with chronic heart disease, aged 18 years or over, residing in mainland Portugal. The results of this survey will be presented by the Portuguese Cardiology Foundation during a webinar, this Tuesday, at 9pm.


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