‘World’s scariest teacher’ spent about R $ 240,000 on tattoos


Away from the kindergarten of a school where he taught after the parents of a 3-year-old boy complained that he scared children, Sylvain Helaine earned the nickname ‘the scariest teacher in the world’.

Helaine’s entire body is covered in tattoo and even her eyeballs are painted. He claims to have spent more than £ 34,000 at a Paris tattoo parlor to cover much of his body with tattoos.

Parents of one of his students told the school board that their son had nightmares about the teacher, and as a result he was prevented from teaching classes to students under the age of 6.

He defended himself by saying that he is a good teacher and that his students were never afraid of him. “I thought that by 2020 there would be more open-minded people,” he said.

The professor guaranteed that he will continue tattooing and that he should end up with all dark skin because he covers one tattoo with another. (With The Mirror)


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