Xbox Series X loads games of the current generation (much) faster than Xbox One X – Computers


It is known that the hardware of the Xbox Series X, which has a release date for November 10, is superior to Microsoft’s current crown jewel, Xbox One X. The question is always how much faster it would be. Some of the main gaming websites in the United States have already had access to their testing unit, and for now, they can only share some information, as a preview. And one of the tests carried out has to do with the time it takes the new console to load current games, compared to Xbox One X, the current most powerful model in the family.

Of all the tests, the conclusion seems to be consistent: the new Xbox Series X is actually much faster in loadings, which in itself is excellent news for players looking to buy the console, while maintaining their game collection. The example of Destiny 2 was given, which in the “old” console takes more than a minute to load a planet, while in the new one the time is cut in half, about 30 seconds.

Geoff Keighley, the person responsible for the Game Awards, stressed the same opinion on his Twitter account: “the loading times have improved a lot in general”, noting that he tested games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, Ori and the Will of Whisps and Batman: Arkham Knight. Even older titles like COD: Modern Warfare 2 and Gears of War on their Xbox 360 disc versions have been tested, resulting in faster loads.

Quick Resume was also registered positively, as a tool that will make all the difference in the players’ experience, being even compared to the change of Windows applications through Alt + TAB.

The SSD that supports the Xbox Series X turns out to be central to performance, but also to Velocity architecture.

Another publication, Gamespot, says that the console reduces loading times, in general, by 70-80% that it would take on the previous console. The tests were based on the time it takes to load the game, from the main title screen, to the loading of the save file for the match position. But also the time it takes the game to load from the dashboard to the menu.

Another aspect that has left the publications surrendered is that the noted performance of the games is visible in titles that were not even produced with new technologies and architecture in mind. These are purely taking advantage of the speed provided by the console hardware itself.

The general opinion, in this first contact, is that players will actually spend more time playing, than also looking at the loading screens …

As a reminder, Microsoft has already opened the pre-reservations for its two new consoles, the Xbox Series X and the more affordable digital version of the Xbox Series S. You can visit their pages on the Microsoft Store and pre-order the Series X and Series S, which can be purchased for 499.99 euros and 299.99 euros, respectively. Portugal is included in the batch of 37 countries that receive the new gaming platforms.

But be careful when ordering, because due to the approximation of the current and future generation console names, many users will have mistakenly made reservations for the current Xbox One X. Amazon will even have an automatic banner that indicated a 747% increase in Xbox One X sales at the beginning of pre-orders.


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