Xiaomi Redmi TV Bar Speaker


An affordable 2-in-1 for use with and without a television.

Xiaomi Redmi TV Bar Speaker

Little by little we started to have modern televisions with excellent audio output, but it is not always a constant. And for older televisions it may not even be satisfactory. For those looking to give their experience of viewing television content a little more life and, at the same time, having a multi-purpose audio equipment at an affordable price, we have the Xiaomi Redmi TV Bar Speaker.

This Xiaomi solution is extremely affordable, appearing for about 50€, depending on the promotions in force, and the reason for this is due to its simplicity. At the bottom, the Xiaomi Redmi TV Bar Speaker is a Bluetooth speaker, with enhanced functions and a design that resembles ordinary sound bars. This means that it may not be the best bet for those looking for a cinema sound experience, but, rather, perfect for more casual users.

With a very minimalist design, the Xiaomi Redmi TV Bar Speaker is surprisingly robust and built from quality materials. With 78 cm long and 6 cm deep, it has quite small dimensions, making it equally versatile and not just a solution to place under a TV, and, on its body, it also has perfect inserts to hang the bar wherever we want.

In terms of connections, the Xiaomi Redmi TV Bar Speaker is once again proving to be simple, with just a little-used SPDIF connection, a 3.5mm auxiliary connection and, of course, Bluetooth 5.0. They are limitations adjusted to their accessible value, but they are still sufficient.

Still in the field of connections, the Xiaomi Redmi TV Bar Speaker proved to be a very interesting solution to be used in an intelligent system with other brand equipment, such as the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, as it functioned as a pen extension, turning on automatically and being controllable with the Mi TV Stick remote.

Xiaomi Redmi TV Bar Speaker

Regarding controls, the Xiaomi Redmi TV Bar Speaker is also simple, with only four buttons on its side that allow you to turn on and off, synchronize and control the volume.

With regard to audio, we have a 30W stereo speaker, 80Hz-20kHz frequency and 4Ω impedance. The quality it presents is not up to the level of a modern television, nor that of other dedicated sound bars, but it is extremely satisfactory for the value it costs.

The separation of the audio is well achieved, with elements such as the voice standing out, there is a slight sensation of stereo in songs or films that highlight the audio positioning and, fortunately, you can get into high volumes without distorting.

Of course, in the beginning, its use is strange, with a more canned effect, but it is something that is due to the lack of basses, which could be more present, thus accentuating the lack of a subwoofer.

The Xiaomi Redmi TV Bar Speaker is a small hybrid of conventional Bluetooth speaker with sound bar that presents a good balance between the two types of use. It is perfect for small rooms and for those who want something that works both as a speaker for a more modest TV, as a radio for streaming services controlled by the smartphone.

The Xiaomi Redmi TV Bar Speaker is available in stores like Banggood, with the price fluctuating over time. If you are purchasing, do not forget to always pay with PayPal and activate shipping insurance.

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