Xuxa says woman who threw a bottle of water in Leblon should have ‘been hit twice’


Sao Paulo-SP

The presenter Xuxa, 57, spoke about the shack that happened in Leblon, on Friday night (25). For her, the woman who threw a bottle of water at another woman, who was in a bikini in a convertible car, was envious and “should have been slapped twice.”

“The guy is a jerk and the envy of the woman who got slapped in the face, should have taken two. My mother taught me that violence breeds violence, does not hit anyone, but neither does it. The woman in the car was in hers and the other was wrong. I think the woman at the bar learned, didn’t she? ”Wrote Xuxa in an Instagram post by columnist Leo Dias, of the Metrópoles newspaper.

The Leblon shack started after two women left a party on a speedboat and decided to take a stroll through the streets of Leblon at a friend’s Peugeut 308 CC Roland G. The three were excited: the girls danced and everyone exchanged kisses in the car with the top down – now he kissed the girls, now they kissed.


It was when traffic stopped on Rua Dias Ferreira, one of the noblest regions of the neighborhood with one of the most expensive IPTUs in Brazil, that a third woman took action. She was at a table on the sidewalk at one of the restaurants in the area.

Bothered by what she saw, she hurled a bottle of water towards the car.

The woman hit by the bottle got out of the car, walked to the scene and started slapping the person who had thrown the object.

A man who was also sitting at the table ran after the woman, who returned to the car. He only had time to pull the top of her bikini, which covered her breasts with his hands.


Information is from FolhaPress


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