You only have 4 days to get Watch Dogs 2 for FREE!


Image / Credits: Ubisoft

Game companies and developers have entered into the moment of making available, sometimes, some titles totally free of charge. THE Ubisoft, in the middle of this week, left Watch Dogs 2 one of the best games, free for its players and the promotion is ending.

To download the game you need to access they link, in which you will be directed to Epic Games Store, where the Standard Edition will be available for download.

The opportunity runs until September 24 to PC. In addition to the game, two other games are also available to be purchased for free: Football Manager 2020 e Stick It To The Man!

For a while, Football Manager 2020 does not appear to be purchased on the Brazilian store page, but through a VPN you can switch your account to the United States region and purchase the game. Then, just return to the BR region.

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